Pagrindinis ETL Motorola 908 Programatorius

ETL Motorola 908 Programatorius ETL_Motorola_908_Programatorius

293,49 LTL (85,00 €) Vnt. Kaina




  • In-Circuit EEPROM programming (MON08 Rev1 adaptor must be used).
  • Ultra high-speed On-Board FLASH/EEPROM programming.
  • 2x2 color LEDs indicates mode of operation, power supply status

Supported Devices

MC68HC908AZ60 (2J74Y)
MC68HC908AZ60 (4J74Y)
MC68HC908AZ60A (3K85K)
MC68HC908AS60 (3J74Y)
MC68HC908AS60A (1L87J)
MC68HC908AB32 (3K56G)
MC68HC08AZ60 (1J35D)
MC68HC08AZ32 (0J66D)
MC68HC08AZ32 (1H56A)
MC68HC08AS20 (0H94K)
MC68HC08AZ32A (1L52H)
MC68HC08AB16A (0L72A)
MC68HC05H12 (0H57A)

Package Included

  1. one 908 programmer
  2. one MC68HC908AZ60 QFP-100 adapter
  3. one MC68HC908AZ60 QFP-64 adapter
  4. one MC68HC908AZ60 PLCC-52 adapter

Additional items you'll need to use this tool

  • Host: A 32 Bit x86 based or Pentium PC with a free LPT communication port.
  • Power supply: An 12 Volt / 500 mA power adapter. - Nemokamas lankytojų skaitliukas